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Satisfied Client Reviews:

“I am very grateful that I hired Paul to represent me for my case, and I highly recommend him. My experiences with him, and his firm, echo the comments made from the previous two positive reviews.

He explained the law very thoroughly by pointing out the whole range of my options along with their possible outcomes. There was never any high-pressure situations or tactics, which I especially appreciated since the allegations I was facing were daunting enough. Paul, and his firm, were always available, and he was exceptionally conscientious and sympathetic to my situation throughout the whole process.

I feel that my favorable result was ensured not only by the combination of his hard work and familiarity with the legal proceedings, but also due to his characteristic acumen.”

Christopher M.

“Mike gets an A+ from beginning to end!!! I called Mike at 6am Mountain time and left him a voicemail expecting to get a call back during business hours. He called me back 15 minutes later… before I could call any other lawers in the Santa Rosa area. He took on my husband’s case with due diligence and gave me 100% confidence. Mike was always extremely attentive in returning calls and explaining complicated legal terms. He knows the laws inside and out. I believe that he also has excellent intuition and uses it to defend his clients. If I ever need a lawyers I will choose him every single time. He made me feel like he had a great vested interest in our case and that he wanted to win.

Mike is knowledgeable about interstate compact laws so if your out of state I highly recommend him.”

Brittany C.

“Best lawyer ever. He talked to me over the phone today for an hour regarding my sons situation and was detailed, professional and honest. I am so blessed to have been referred to him for my sons unfortunate situation. I recently met a district attorney at an event and asked her opinion of Paul. She had so many kind things to say about him. Reassured my choice in lawyers. Thank you Paul!”

Denise M.

“I’ve known Michael for several years from his time as a supervisory Deputy District Attorney. He is an amazing attorney and someone I will and have always recommended and respected. The only one I trust for my family!”

Jim H.

“Thank you Michael, you’ve been such a blessing during this time in my life. Dealing with the pain of this illness, has been challenging enough, I made a huge mistake with lack of judgement out of desperation, face judgement daily with how I’ve been affected, I can’t express how much I appreciate your understanding and acceptance. You’ve made this bearable, I believe the remorse and reality of this has been the greatest of all repercussions. Thank you for guiding me through this without stress and with care.”

Heartfelt Appreciation, S.Clark

“Paul’s background as an 18 year veteran police officer and established attorney in Sonoma County was a tremendous asset. He really fought for my rights and gave me great confidence in both myself and my case.”

“I am writing this in support of Michael Li. I am in my sixties and have never needed a criminal attorney until last year. I received a call that my adult grandson, who lived with me, had been arrested. My grandson is not a criminal but made a stupid mistake that could have had serious repercussions. I called an attorney, who is a client of mine, and asked for a referral to a criminal attorney. He gave me Michael’s name and my grandson is very fortunate that he did. There are several reasons I would highly recommend Michael. He is thorough and straight forward. He does not “sugar coat” the seriousness of the situation. He is clear in his instructions on how to help him help you. Michael is knowledgeable and has cultivated excellent contacts in the Sonoma Legal community. It is also clear that Michael understands there is a human element to every case. I appreciated the heart to heart talk he had with my Grandson on what he needed to do with his life so my Grandson could make through the Probationary period and have a new start. It’s ironic but I hope I never need Michael’s professional services again. However, if someone I knew asked for a referral, I would not hesitate to say “you need Michael Li.””

Gary P.

“Paul put forth 100% from day one. He fought my charges with genuine determination and took my case all the way to trial. I contribute my acquittal to both his willingness to hear me and unwavering belief in my innocence.”

“I called Mike on the recommendation of a friend in the police force regarding a matter with my son. As my son was a juvenile and the charges were difficult for us to put our heads around, Mike walked us through the process, and helped put some of our concerns to rest. Mike’s connections with people within the Sonoma County judicial system proved invaluable for our case, reducing a felony charge to a misdemeanor before we even went to court. The final outcome was all we could have hoped for, thanks to Mike’s great work. I would highly recommend Mike for any type of Criminal defense, he is a heck of a guy as well.”

Rob B.

“Mike Li represented me in a misdemeanor case. He was very professional and attentive. He worked with my schedule and always responded to my questions in a efficient and timely manner. He explained step by step all aspects of my case and explained the law and legal terms to me. He really worked hard to represent me and my interests. My case was settled in an timely manner and in my favor. Mike Li is a pleasure to work with and I would refer to my family and friends.”

M. Brown

“Michael is a great attorney! I was referred to him. Very professional and always returned my calls and emails when I had any questions for him to answer. He represented me in a misdemeanor case and got my charges lessoned. He handled it very well, met all my court dates, and also assisted me with the paperwork, process of, and the outcome of my case. I highly recommend him if you ever have any trouble with the law.”


“Paul Lozada is an exceptional attorney. He actually cared about my case and treated me with dignity and respect. Paul helped me make careful, intelligent choices about my case and spoke to me as an equal instead of a client.”

“I was very lucky to have found Paul Lozada and he was worth every dime.”

“Mr. Paul Lozada is a great lawyer. His background as being a police officer, detective, and investigator for the D.A.’s office makes him understand both sides. He is a great communicator and well respective among his peers. I have personally talked to several other criminal attorneys and they have nothing but compliments for Mr. Lozada and his work!”

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"Michael eased my concerns during a very stressful time in my life and for that I will be forever grateful. Highly recommended!"
Casey M.